Tomato: as a remeady of acne

Acne (pimples, muhase etc) is growing problem, specially in india. So it should be treated with minimal cost and side effects.
We are at the line of using natural products so that side effects can be minimised and we can use those methods in regular life without wasting much money.
So being cheap, it should be efficient mean as well.

Tomato is one of those remeady.

It is antiinflammatory and contain necessary vitamins as vitA,C,K,B6 etc. Acidity of tomato balance pH of skin and help in healing of crackes. Tomato also contain salicylic acid which is used in many cosmetics.

Can be used in simpler way.


  • slice a tomato in two halves and then use one half. Squeeze and rub that half on face & have 5-10 min masaage with gentle hand. Wash it with warm(gungune) water. You can use it twice or thrice a day.
  • You can make paste of tomato as well and keep it for an hour..and then wash with warm (gungune) water.
  • For more effectiveness, we can add lemon juice in tomato juice. After mixing it properly we can use that.

Share your experience with us as well as with your friends, realtives.

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